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paypal verifiedWe will obtain all official extracts from the Trade Register (commerical register) for you and provide it for 29 USD within 24 hours as a PDF file via Email.
If your search does not deliver your desired results, this service will be free of charge for you. An important instrument for business security is the Trade Register managed by the respective registration offices.

Companies with increasing businesses as well as all incorporated companies (e.g. public and private limited companies) are enlisted in the German Trade Register.

The company name (the so called firm), the registered office as well as the company’s representative (managing director, CEO, authorised representative, authorised proprietor) are available in the Trade Register.

Furthermore the initial capital, the legal form of the company and the last entry are shown in the Trade Register.

We offer the following extracts from the Trade Register:

The accuracy of the given information is guaranteed at any time.

You will receive genuine information directly from the Trade Register as the research accesses the genuine data base from the Trade Register.

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